En Primeur Week in Bordeaux: 2018 Vintage Wines

An exclusive event for professionals in the industry


Bordeaux, a city in the beautiful Nouvelle-Aquitaine region in the south of France, is known not only for being one of France's trendiest cities, but also for the world-famous wines that are produced in this region and that attract thousands of tourists each year. 

For professionals in the wine industry, April is always a highlight in the calendar, as it is when the En Primeur Week takes place at various châteaux in the region. From the 
1st-4th April, the event will draw up to 6,000 professionals from all over the world to visit some of the 300 chateaux that will be participating. The purpose is to taste and test wines made from the grapes grown in 2018, otherwise known as 2018 Vintage. The week also serves as a unique opportunity to reserve fine wines at preferential prices while they are still in the barrel. 

But keep in mind that this wine tasting and networking session is not like any traditional wine tasting; the young nature of the wines means that they have not yet fully fermented, giving them a somewhat peculiar and unfinished taste. 

Whether a professional or a dedicated wine enthusiast, 1889 Travel France offers you the exclusive chance to participate in this spectacular week! 

At 1889 Travel France, we will be happy to customize the experience according to your guests’ wishes! 


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Explore the Arcachon Bay on a traditional pinasse boat

With spring on our doorsteps, now is the perfect time of year to explore the southern regions of France, where the weather tends to be milder than the country's capital city. If you are visiting Bordeaux, the Arcachon Bay is a beautiful area on the Atlantic Ocean, shaped by stunning sand dunes and dotted with beach huts. Take a day out to discover the bay in a traditional pinasse boat, and marvel at the natural sights around you! 

Icing on the cake: Complete your boat trip with some fine wines on board, and while you are already on the water, why not stop over at an oyster farm and taste some of the delicious local delicacies? 

Easter Passion concert at Château de Versailles


Easter is slightly later than usual this year with countless concerts and festivities happening in Paris and around the country in celebration. One concert in particular catches our eye, as it will be held in the stunning Chapelle Royale in the Château de Versailles on the 17th April. Take your seat and relax as you meditate to Bach's Saint Matthew Passion and take in the breathtaking architecture of the chapel's interior. 


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