Meet a truffle hunter in Provence!

Authentic tailor- made gastronomic experience
La Bastide de Marie
1889's crush of the month

La Bastide de Marie
We have tested this marvellous place located in Provence, this 18th century residence was a typical country farm which has been restored in the tradition of Provencal "mas". 
You will enjoy the majestic century-old olive trees, the smell of lavender and its multi-sensory Spa!

Icing on the cake: you may be delighted by a wine-tasting experience in the cellars!

Festival of lights Lyon
What's next in December?

Festival of Lights in Lyon
Each year, on December 8th, light designers, videographers, architects, graphic artists, visual artists, but also street shows' companies design new and surprising installations to delight the entire family!

1889 Travel France

1889 Travel France was derived from a team of three experts working within luxury, arts & culture, and gastronomy. 1889 Travel France is a French Luxury DMC creating exclusive and bespoke programs in Paris & France. All our experiences and journeys are tailor-made to emulate the whims and desires of each and every guest. We work directly with our partners and travel all over France to create and source the most exclusive experiences.

"Black diamond", "tuber melanosporum", "melano"... there are so many names to qualify the famous black truffle. And good news, the season of black truffle has just started!

At 1889 Travel France, we have designed the most authentic and exceptional experiences showcasing this noble mushroom in the beautiful region of Provence! 

You will enjoy an intimate encounter with a family of truffle-harvesters. With them, you will be able to dig up those wonderful mushrooms among the oaks, helped by a truffle dog. The rocky soil gives to the truffle a powerful and intense flavor, mostly starting from mid-January, when it reaches its full maturity. 

Then you will taste them with a 100% truffle lunch or dinner, and you will enjoy your meal among a warm and cozy wood fire. An amazing experience for gastronomic lovers in search of authenticity!

At 1889 Travel France, we will be happy to design it according to each of your guests  wishes! 




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