In the backstage of Parisian Haute Couture!

A tailor-made fashion experience
Paris Haute Couture fashion experience
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Indulge the senses with an incredible concept store born of the natural partnership between two quintessential French brands. The pairing of  celebrated confectioner Pierre Hermé & legendary perfumer L'Occitane is sure to delight!    
Icing on the cake: Watch as incredible pastries are created in front of your eyes!

Paris Fashion week 2018
What's next in January?

Paris Fashion Week
A little reminder about Paris Fashion Week's key dates: 
Men 's Fashion week: From January 17th to the 21st, 2018
Haute Couture: From January 22nd to the 25th, 2018

1889 Travel France

1889 Travel France was derived from a team of three experts working within luxury, arts & culture, and gastronomy. 1889 Travel France is a French Luxury DMC creating exclusive and bespoke programs in Paris & France. All our experiences and journeys are tailor-made to emulate the whims and desires of each and every guest. We work directly with our partners and travel all over France to create and source the most exclusive experiences.

Have you ever wanted to sneak a peek at an amazing Haute Couture workshop during  Fashion week?
1889 Travel France can organize this stunning experience in a secret place in the heart of Paris.

You will enjoy discovering this unique workshop which gathers all the expertise necessary for Haute Couture creation, from patronage to finishes: the work of tailors, dressmakers, dyers, corset makers & embroiderers.

Combining traditional and modern know-how, dozens of craftsmen work to meet the requirements of Haute Couture designers from Dior, Chanel or Givenchy to turn a drawing into a unique piece. 

You may admire and touch the different materials used for dresses ; such as silk, velvet, crinolines and even hoops.. all during fashion week effervescence! 

At 1889 Travel France, we will be happy to customize the experience according to your guests’ wishes! 



1889 Travel France


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75002 Paris, France


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