Become a winemaker in Bordeaux

A priceless experience in the world-famous wine region


Bordeaux is a region that just gives more and more every time you visit. From beautiful architecture to historic buildings and of course, world-famous wine estates, there is something for everyone who visits.

Although there are many incredible wine châteaux that you can visit, why not go one step further and actually produce your own bottle of wine? Only a select few people can call themselves winemakers; either you are born into it or you are willing to buy land in Bordeaux for millions. With 1889 Travel France, you will have the rare opportunity to call yourself a winemaker as you produce your own wine! 

Your unique wine journey begins the moment you step into the château and embark on a tour of the estate. You will have the choice of creating either a half barrel (approximately 150 bottles) or a full barrel (approximately 300 bottles) of wine, tailored to your exact desires. With a wine maker and a technical director of the château, you will taste a variety of samples from different plots of land and then create a base blend that captures your tastes and personality. About 11 months later, it will be ready for the final blend, for which you may come back to Bordeaux if you wish. If you are unable to travel, the winemakers at the château will develop 2 options for you, stemming from your original base blend, and they will send you a 3 different samples that you can taste and choose from. 

Before the end of your winemaking journey, be prepared to let your creative side flow as you think of a name for your wine and design your own label! A truly exceptional experience that will make your trip to Bordeaux an unforgettable one!

At 1889 Travel France, we will be happy to customize the experience according to your guests’ wishes! 

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The art of Haute Couture Flowers and Feathers

Step into an atelier hidden away from the busy streets of central Paris in the eclectic 2nd arrondissement. Here you will discover the dedication that goes into creating artisanal flowers and feathers for haute couture dresses, hats and shoes of iconic French fashion houses. From delicate camellias to intricate ostrich feathers, you will learn about this business that has been owned by the same family for generations and discover some secrets of the world of French craftsmanship. 

Icing on the cake:  Treat yourself to a shopping spree to top off this fashion experience, and we can also provide you with your own personal shopper! Only a stone's throw away are Place Vendôme and Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré: the most luxurious and fashionable street in the world! 

Haute Couture Fashion Week


Fashion week is once again on our calendars and the summer edition kicked off with the menswear shows from the 18th-23rd June. From the 30th June until the 4th July, many designers will be showcasing their haute couture collections on runways across all of Paris in the presence of many celebrities and it-girls. Extravagant parties will be taking place all over the city which, combined with the hot weather, will give Paris an exceptional atmosphere for these few days. 


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