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Adventures in a secret rose garden

Rediscover a classic bloom

Rediscover the magic and wonder that can only be inspired by the sight and scents of a rose! Known as the Queen of flowers, the rose is a bloom famous for its soft beauty.  Based in Anjou, one rose garden has devoted itself to the art of growing and harvesting the rose. In conjunction with this Luxury rose maison, we offer guests rose-inspired experiences throughout France; imparting the enchantment of the rose wherever you may be! 

Rose inspired luxury
Delve into the world of this beloved rose and discover the history of the rose and its many uses with numerous workshops dedicated to this fragrant bloom. Enjoy a floral design course where you will discover how to make a number of floral items, or enjoy a patisserie class inspired by the distinctive scent of the rose. Perhaps wine is more to your liking? Discover how the scent of roses overlaps with the scent and taste of certain fine wines.  Or invite your closest friends and enjoy an exceptional dinner, featuring fascinating tales of the history of the rose and rose inspired décor, whilst dining on an exceptional meal inspired by the delicate flavor of the Damask rose.  Create your own rose perfume for a special souvenir of the loveliest rose garden in Paris, which is sure to transport you back to your exceptional and exclusive experience every time you experience its scent.  

At 1889 Travel France, we will be happy to customize the experience according to your guests's wishes! 

Dior cruise 2019 show at Chantilly- luxury travel experience
1889's crush of the month

Dior stages Cruise 2019 show at Chantilly 

At the iconic hippodrome of the Château de Chantilly, the Dior Cruise 2019 show took place under a deluge of rain- imbibing the atmosphere with an intimate and otherworldly feel. Inspired by the female rodeo riders of Mexico, the show included cotton lace dresses adorned with delicate beading, multiple pieces featuring intricate embroidery, and elegant hats.

Icing on the cake: The show featured real horses walking alongside the models, and included a performance by Mexican Escaramuzas; female rodeo riders. 

Prix de Diane horse race- Luxury Travel experience
What's next in June?

Socialise along the racetrack 
The Prix de Diane, also known as the French oaks, is one of the highlights of the Parisian equestrian calendar. Taking place at the Hippodrome of the beautiful Château de Chantilly, this illustrious event is a wonderful mix of great spectator entertainment, elegant fashion and French excellence. Admire the beautiful racehorses as they gallop to the finishing line, and enjoy the sophisticated atmosphere of this delightful event! 

1889 Travel France

1889 Travel France was derived from a team of three experts working within luxury, arts & culture, and gastronomy. 1889 Travel France is a French Luxury DMC creating exclusive and bespoke programs in Paris & France. All our experiences and journeys are tailor-made to emulate the whims and desires of each and every guest. We work directly with our partners and travel all over France to create and source the most exclusive experiences.


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