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A playful pairing of scent and taste
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Atelier des Lumières Luxury travel France
1889's crush of the month

Digital innovation meets art
Recently unveiled, this incredible new museum creates a world of art and light that is sure to delight. Having opened on the 13th of April, L'Atelier des Lumières combines modern technology and art to create a digital experience whereby gigantic versions of artworks are shown on the walls of the venue. For the current exhibition, the works of the inimitable Klimt are the highlights of this show; dazzling with their classic golden hues! Be sure to secure a ticket, as this is one of the most exciting developments on the Parisian art scene! 

Icing on the cake: The venue for the exhibit is a old foundry; restored and renovated for this Atelier, the foundry serves as the perfect venue. 

Fêtes Galantes at Versailles - Luxury Travel experience
What's next in May?

Travel back in time at Versailles 
Planning on visiting Paris in May? Don’t miss the Fêtes Galantes at Versailles! Taking place on the 28th of May, this fun party gives you the opportunity to dress up in a Baroque outfit and dance the night away at Versailles! Experience Versailles as you’ve never seen it before and get a glimpse of life as a courtier in days gone by. We can organize everything you could want for this exceptional experience- from costumes, to make-up artists, to transport and accommodation: the royal treatment from start to finish. 

1889 Travel France

1889 Travel France was derived from a team of three experts working within luxury, arts & culture, and gastronomy. 1889 Travel France is a French Luxury DMC creating exclusive and bespoke programs in Paris & France. All our experiences and journeys are tailor-made to emulate the whims and desires of each and every guest. We work directly with our partners and travel all over France to create and source the most exclusive experiences. 


Tickle your taste buds with this rare sensual experience. Combining the knowledge and expertise of a perfumer and a chef, this experience will introduce you to the depths of the interplay between scent and taste!

A scent experience with a difference
Enter into the Parisian apartment of an expert perfumer, where he will introduce you to a variety of scents – giving in-depth insights into the notes of the fragrance, and how this scent interacts with taste. This perfumer is known for crafting the finest tailor made perfumes and has served as a master perfumer to luxury houses, royal palaces and the most prestigious hotels. Using practical examples, this expert will initiate you into the relationship between scent and taste. After this fascinating encounter, you will personally experience this delicate interplay with a delicious lunch. Prepared by an acclaimed chef, this meal will be paired to the scents experienced earlier. Delight your senses with this rare and exclusive experience, and be prepared to reconsider all you thought you knew about scent and taste. 

At 1889 Travel France, we will be happy to customize the experience according to your guests’ wishes! 



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