Delve into the world of truffles

harvesting truffles in autumn's glory

There’s nothing quite like picking your own meal. Even more so, if the meal consists of something as exclusive and satisfying as freshly-picked truffles. Whereas you may be used to the delicate flavor of truffles, you will experience the flavor like never before after having indulged in truffles you harvested yourself. Imagine, that from this day on, every time you let the powerful, intense flavor of truffle ignite your taste buds, it will conjure up warm memories of sun-lit woods and searching for your very own truffles alongside a motivated truffle dog.

A special invitation
We invite you to enjoy harvesting the finest of truffles, Tuber Melanosporum which grow in the rocky soils of the woods of the Provence region from mid-November to mid-March. The Provence region, which will be home to trees of vibrant hues, surrounded by autumns calm tones of amber and bronze this fall. After a revitalizing walk, you are welcome to enjoy a truffle-themed meal by the fire place, accompanied by a glass of marvelous wine.
Or does the region of Burgundy appeal to you more?
Allow yourself to find inner peace, while searching for truffles, surrounded by vineyards and open fields. After a rejuvenating walk, relax and enjoy a meal with Thierry, the truffle hunter, and his son Yann. With the truffle season in Burgundy already starting in mid-September , there is no more enchanting way to marvel at life’s beauty in autumn than delving into the world of truffles. The world famous Tuber Uncinatum can be found in Burgundy until mid-January. Take in a breath of fresh air with a tincture of earthiness, close your eyes and enjoy this luxury.


1889's crush of the month

1889's crush of the month
International Fair of Contemporary Art
Along with the colors of autumn, arrives one of the most marvelous seasons in Paris. The city parks are blanketed with falling leaves in hues of amber and the cool weather invites Parisians and visitors to spend time indoors with the arts. Every October since 1974, this year from the 18th to the 21st,  the International Fair of Contemporary Art becomes the meeting place for collectors, curators, museum directors and gallery owners from all over the world.
Icing on the cake: Don't miss the eighth edition of Cinéphémère, a 14 seat movie theatre showcasing the most innovative artists’ films.

What's next in October?

La Dame de Coeur
La Dame de Coeur was part of the commemoration ceremonies at the end of the first World War, and still is a moment of celebrating and promoting peace. From the 18th to the 25th of October, marvel at the beautiful light installations, which turn the iconic Notre Dame into a colorful piece of art, meant to light up the hearts of the viewers with marvel and wonder. The whole event is based on donations, to further emphasize the focus on peace and inclusion. Take part in this spectacle and feel history in the making - 1889 organizes exclusive VIP tickets, for an exceptional view of the event.

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